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I've talked about this on Facebook, but I'll post it here also. The JeremyBrett.info website is going away. I've decided not to renew it, because 1) I don't own the domain name and the woman who does won't even answer my emails, so I have no guarantee that we can continue anyway and 2) the database crashed and it would take nearly a thousand dollars to reprogram and migrate to another site.

Fortunately, the Wayback Machine has a number of copies and almost all of the content will continue to be available there, although of course, it can no longer be updated.
It can be accessed here: https://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.jeremybrett.info/


Radar is growing up! Look what a big boy he is now. He's very self-confident, very high energy, and very, very sweet. I think we won the kitten lottery with him.


Sacrilege Website

Hey, anybody know what happened to the Sacrilege website? (hwslash.net) I get a "failure to connect to webserver" error message.

It's been down for a while now. Is it gone for good? Did whoever owned it let it expire?


Well, dang!

Dagnabit! I thought I had done all the JWP prompts and was congratulating myself - prematurely, as it turns out. I checked and realised that I had done them all, but I was a day late with one of them. Sooo close, but no cigar.

Oh, well, it was a lot of fun, a good stretch for me, and there's always next year - right?

Radar - week 2

Here is rescue kitten Radar after a week of home livin' Quite a change, don't you think?

And here he is with his Big Pal and Best. Chew. Toy. EVAH! Tiger.

Title: A New Beginning
Author: tripleransom
Fandom: ACD Canon
Word Count: 232
Rating: G
Summary: Holmes reflects.
A/N: For the second of my JWP Amnesty prompts, That's All Folks! This is a little fragment I had written back last year, but when I found it, I thought it seemed appropriate for the prompt.

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Or read on Watsons_Woes
Title: This 'Ere's Where Mr Sherlock 'Olmes Lives
Author: tripleransom
Fandom: ACD Canon
Word Count: 391
Rating: G
Summary: Baker Street, 1894 - life goes on.
A/N: For the first of my JWP Amnesty prompts. For some reason, I though we had until the 10th to do these. Imagine my surprise!
A/N 2: Oops! I just realised there's no Watson in this one. Oh, well, maybe he will stop by for tea.

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Or read on Watsons_Woes

Happy birthday Edward Hardwicke

Today is Edward Hardwicke's birthday, so happy birthday Dr Watson!

NOT a JWP. Kitten instead

I'm still basking in a fine glow of accomplishment about the JWP. I missed 2 days, which I will make up with amnesty posts. I have my eye on a couple of them that sound promising. Thanks to everyone who commented. I'll get around to reading and commenting on your entries soon.

Meanwhile, we have a new kitten! This poor little guy was abandoned at a campsite up in PA. A friend of a friend's daughter fed him, but couldn't keep him, so the lady put out an sos. Faced with a starving kitten, what could I do? So the girl dropped him off on Friday. He is the sweetest, friendliest little thing. How could anybody hand-raise a kitten and then do that??
He's very skinny - even after she fed him for a week - but soooo cute. I ran him by the vet's yesterday and he got tested, vaccinated, de wormed, and de fleaed. He's feeling a bit punk today, after all that, but I'm sure he will bounce back quickly. He also has a bit of an eye infection, which I have drops for. Fun.
Pictures: prepare to die of cute overload.

I think there's a big cat in there somewhere, judging by the ears. We're thinking of calling him Radar.

JWP-31 - Once More With Feeling

Title: The Food of Love
Author: tripleransom
Fandom: ACD Canon
Word Count: 560
Rating: PG
Summary: Holmes plays, Watson listens.
A/N: For JWP 31 - Once More With Feeling. I would like to revisit this prompt at a later date when I have more time. Seems like there is a real story here, but for now, this is what there is.

The Food of Love
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