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yay! My Holmistice fic is done and sent off to the mods! Hooray! This is my first time at Holmistice (gulp) I hope the recipient likes it.

For some reason, the first email try came back. The address on my second try looked exactly the same to me, but it appears to have gone through. Another of those unexplained mysteries of the internet, I guess.

Not only that - this one is crossposted from DW, so yay for that, too. (God I feel like such a techie!)

Happy birthday Ronald Howard!!

Ronald Howard starred as Sherlock Holmes in the much under-rated 1954 TV series alongside his Watson, H. Marion Crawford. If you haven't seen it, despite the plots which range from clunky to downright awful, it's worth a watch. The two of them are delightful together and Archie Campbell makes a believable (if somewhat unfamiliar appearing) Lestrade.

The fencing scene in The Case of the Royal Murder is simply not to be missed. I suspect they knew by then that the series was not going to be renewed and really went for broke.

Happy birthday Ronald Howard. You are not forgotten.

Terrorist attack in London.

We just got the news that someone in an SUV ran down a bunch of people on Westminister Bridge an hour or so ago, then tried to get into Parliament. Dozens injured and several dead.

My heart goes out to the British people. i hope all my London friends are safe.

This and that

Unfortunately, the warm weather did not last. We had some of the coldest temps of the winter following them, then about 6" of SNOW. That was the most we had all winter. However if that was the baddest thing winter could throw at us, I'll take it.
It's still pretty cold, but the daffs are up, the horses are shedding, and I saw a very optimistic Robin yesterday working the lawn.

Radar, the little kitten brought to me from Pennsylvania, is growing up. He's in the middle of another big growth spurt. I'm amazed at how big he's gotten. He's still just as cute though, and he still loves his 'Uncle Tiger' chew toy.


I sincerely hope that his is the last gasp of winter. It was in the mid 60s all last week, yesterday morning it was snowing, with a high of about 35F and 20 mph winds. Today the wind has finally died down, but it's supposed to go down to about 20F tonight and then begin a warm-up.

Not only is the up and down hard on me - I already put my scarf in to be washed and I refuse to get it out again - but it's tough on the horses as well. This is real colic weather. Poor Evan was kind of sick the other day and I had to make a panicked call to my vet. Luckily, we were able to resolve it, but I'm watching all of them like hawks in case it happens again. That's all I need.

I'm kind of spooky anyway about this time of year. 6 Years ago in January, I lost Brahm at age 18, 4 years ago in February, I lost Ace at age 18. Evan just turned 18, so you can see why I panicked.

Besides, I'm ready for the warm! Bring it on!

Spring is...here?

The daffodils seem to think it's Spring already. I took this outside the barnyard this morning. It was 68F today (although the high is supposed to be 35F tomorrow). I sure hope these little guys know what they're doing!


So the subject of apocafic came up the other day and it got me to thinking about angst in general. I know there's plenty of that to go around in the Holmes 'verse, but I don't remember specifically any apocafic. Can anyone recommend something? Or superangst in general? I know there's Alone on the Water from BBCSherlock, but what else?

Just please, nothing based on Elementary. I can't deal with that show. As always, my heart really belongs in 1895.

Is there anyone still in the Buffyverse on my flist? This is the one I dredged up from remote storage. It's a riff on Neville Shute's On the Beach - very well-written, angsty, and romantic. I was pleased to see that http://www.allaboutspike.com is still out there and available.

Here's the direct link to the fic: http://www.allaboutspike.com/fic.html?id=132 It's called The Last Summer and it's by Annie Sewell-Jennings.

LJ Servers moving to Russia - confirmed.

Well, I guess a lot of you have heard about this by now, but if you haven't, looks as if LJ servers, which had been located in CA are now located in Russia. Speculation is that the Russian company which owns LJ may decide to shut down the English operation. If you have a Dreamwidth account, better start mirroring your content over there. I do have a DW account as Tripleransom, which I will be working on setting up in the near future. Feel free to friend me over there if you want to.

ARGH. I've been on LJ since 2002. I have so many friends here whose accounts are no longer active, or only barely that will be gone. And there is so. much. fic. buried in journals or comms that will be lost if LJ goes away.

This is going to be worse than Geocities if it does come to pass.



The footsteps of a gigantic hound?

I don't think so. We have a leash law here and thankfully, no one lets their dogs run loose anyway.

Someone was talking on lj about seeing a coyote in the middle of the day while out walking their dog. This person lives in CA, but the coyotes seem to be around here more and more. I've not seen one myself, only footprints in the snow, but the other day, I found this out in the field. Note the rather large hoofprint next to it for size comparison.

The Curious Adventure of the Ginger Tom

Title: The Curious Adventure of the Ginger Tom
Author: tripleransom
Fandom: ACD
Word Count: Goodness! 3490
Warnings: None
Rating: PG
Summary: Several of you were kind enough to enquire about Billy, Neddie, and Oliver, so here they are again.
A/N: Written for the December 27, 2016 WAdvent'Fest. A sequel of sorts to my story And Bring Us a Happy New Year, which contains the backstory of the children and Oliver. It can be found here on AO3

The Curious Adventure of the Ginger Tom
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