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Tiger the cat

My Tiger cat is gone.  He had an apparent stroke late last night. 

Tiger and Blue

He was fine early in the evening, sitting next to me as usual, playing with his scratching post, just like usual, but he kicked up a fuss about 3 am on the bed next to me.  I patted him and he settled down, but when he didn't come downstairs for breakfast, I knew immediately that something was very wrong.  When I searched him out, his paw was ice cold and he couldn't stand on it and his breathing was labored.  So we called the vet and I took him in. 

They did some diagnostics and found that his heart was enlarged and he had a lot of fluid in his lungs.  They gave him less that a 50% chance of coming through this episode alone.  I could tell he was in a lot of pain, so reluctantly, I opted to have him euthanised.  He was only 10 years old and had been given a clean bill of health less than a month ago when he had the dental work done.  I stayed with him and, of course, the end was very peaceful - at least I could give him that.

He was the sweetest, most empathetic cat and I miss him terribly already.  Go give your pets a hug.  You always think there will be another time, until suddenly, there isn't.


Twelfth Night

Happy birthday, Mr Sherlock Holmes!!


Tiger the cat

My poor Tiger cat suddenly started drooling and licking on the 22nd.  Luckily, the cat vet had an appointment that afternoon, so off he went.  Turns out he had an abscess and needed surgery.  Sigh.  She was closed for the holiday, but the local vet hospital is a 24/7 deal, they do surgery on Mondays, and not too surprisingly, had an appointment for the 24th.  Being Christmas Eve, there wasn't much competition for slots.  So off he went for first and evaluation, then surgery.  Of course, he's the worst traveller of any of the cats.

Most cats are not too keen on car travel, although I've had two that loved it, but poor Tiger is the very worst and three trips in 4 days, including surgery was pretty tough, especially since it's 1/2 hour each way, each time.  He kept up a non-stop barrage of wailing and pawing at the carrier the whole way.  In addition, he came home with an e-collar, which he hated, but I had to leave it on him overnight in case he started pawing at the sutures. 

AND of course, the bill was something over $1000, right at Christmas.  Not to mention that I was worried stiff about him.  Merry Christmas!  Thank goodness, I wasn't planning an elaborate dinner and family over or something!    So now he's sacked out under my desk, refusing to even look at me, and I have to be the heavy and give him meds for the next few days.  Again, sigh. 

There's some champagne on ice.  I think I'll take care of the horses, pour myself a stiff drink, and fix us a steak before I tackle the meds.  I hope everyone's Christmas went slightly better than Tiger's. 


Happy Winter Solstice to all!

Well, the Solstice is here and the longest night of the year has come and gone at last.  Even though we have the worst of the winter weather ahead, it feels like a real milestone - like there is some hope now that spring will come again.  Thank goodness for that.  and truthfully, by now we are about 1/3 of the way through.  By late February, we will be well on the way to spring here in Virginia.  I don't think I could face living in some climate where winter lasted into April - three months of this is quite enough, thankyouverymuch.

On that topic of hope, I managed to write both a Holmistice fic archiveofourown.org/works/16776214 on AO3 AND a WAdvent story, watsons-woes.dreamwidth.org/2018/12/19/ DW on Watson's Woes.  WooHoo!  It feels good to be writing again. 

Next up - the follow-on to Intermezzo, starring Miss Irene Adler and someone who is not Sherlock Holmes (he's probably somewhere near Lhasa at this point) which has been about 1/2 written for months.  It's a small, but crucial piece of the whole Hiatus saga that may someday get itself done.  There's a Christmassy part also, but that probably won't happen till midsummer at this rate.  Oh, well. 

As far as traditions go, I hope we're not starting a new one here.  Last year DH spent Christmas in the ER after being taken away be ambulance at 3 am with what Watson would have called enteric fever.  This year, poor Tiger the cat is going in for surgery on a dental abscess on Christmas Eve. 


DW Redux

This is so exciting - just to see all the activity going on.  I only hope it continues.  For a while there, it was like shouting into the void and that's discouraging.

In that vein, I'll tell you that my 2 rescue kitties are having the time of their lives.  They are now installed in my barn office, making cautious forays into this strange new world of horses!  and grass!  and rabbits and deer, and...they are just so excited.  They zoom from one end of the barn to the other and out the doors and OMG!  it's SO BIG out there!  So in they zoom again!  Finally, they are exhausted, then they happily come back into the nice warm office and collapse for a while until they are ready to roll some more. 

And I think I've finally got this stupid Lyme disease on the run.  Thanks to modern antibiotics and a good doctor who was able to do not just one, but 2 shots in just the right spot in my hip, I can ride a horse again - something that I haven't been able to do since last summer.  All I had to do was throw a leg over and it was like someone was sticking a knife in my hip and twisting it.  But now that's gone and I am sooo thankful.  It feels so good to ride again.  We'll see where I get to, but so far, so good.  Finally - dare I say it?  Things just might be looking up!

I've started work on my Hiatus fic again also.  Trouble is, I have no idea where to put the next installment.  I don't think anyone is ever going to ask for a chapter that stars Mycroft Holmes and Irene Adler.  Watson is nowhere in sight, and Holmes is off in Lord-knows-where - visiting the Dalai Lama, maybe.  It might just have to go straight to AO3.  Now all I have to do is figure out how to do an AO3 link. 


Yesterday has to have been the strangest day of my life.  Not bad, but just...strange. 

It started with a note from a relative I've never actually met, though we've 'talked' on the internet before.  She's, hm...let's see if I can figure it out, the grand daughter of my uncle.  Not quite sure what that makes us, but something.  First cousins once removed, maybe?  Anyhoo, she's very interested in geneology and through some site or other, came to the attention of someone who was looking for descendants of one of my grandmother's sisters.  This lady died in the Great Flu epidemic, almost 100 years ago.  I vaguely remember seeing a photograph of once, but that's about it.  She and her husband may or may not have had a daughter, who - if she ever lived - died as a child, predeceasing my Great-Aunt.  Her ex-husband then married again and may or may not have had another daughter who also if she was ever born, died as a child, in the 1920's sometime. 

So there were many phone calls and emails back and forth and there may or may not be an addition to the family tree that none of us knew about.  And wow - there may be some surprises in store.  Or not.  But it was all like being touched by some hand from the past that you didn't even know existed before.  It all makes you kind of reflect on how ephemeral life really is.  Those children, if they ever were, are only documented in a handwritten entry somewhere like in a church record.  Maybe they don't even have grave markers that are left to find.  "I will show you fear in a handful of dust".  I guess that's it, right there.

Like I said, strange.


West Virginia Kitties

I don't think I've posted about my little West VA rescue kitties.  They were two of some 25 cats living at a self-storage place, being cared for by the manager.  It was sold and the new owners wanted them gone, so the local rescue had a lot of cats to place.  I have been barn cat-less since the death of my beloved Kevin (snif) last year, so I volunteered to take 2 of them.  I also have another black so-called barn cat, Argos, about whom more later, but he's still superferal.

They are sisters, one all-black, one with just a couple of white spots underneath; which is unfortunate, because I can't tell which is which from a little ways away.  One - Pip - is quite friendly.  The other - Gaia - is more shy, but they are both very sweet.  Apparently, these two spent most of their lives in a storage unit, poor things.  They are now ensconced in my deluxe heated barn office.  The transition was quite a shock for Gaia, who spent several days looking as if the executioner was coming for her at any second, but Pip was fairly cool right from the get go.  The office has 2 windows with sills to sit on and a sofa and a fridge, which they can hop up on from the top of their crate, so it's basically a kitty jungle gym and they seem to be a content enough, but Pip especially has been quite curious about the door I keep coming and going through.

Fast forward 2 weeks and I let them out in the barn today with the outside doors firmly shut.  OMG!  Zoom!  Zoom! They had clearly never seen such a Big Space before.  With such Big Animals (the horses) in it.  They ran and ran and ran.  No pictures, because they were moving so fast!  Finally, I opened 'their' door and they both zoomed back in, completely exhausted, but content, and flopped down next to me on the sofa.  I think they must be the happiest cats in Virginia right now.


I don't know how many of you there are left from the early days when LJ was THE happenin' place - you know before F___B__k and  T______R and I_______M and what-all else.   I think I started there in 2002(!) 

A few years later, I happened on https://kylecassidy.livejournal.com/ - Kyle Cassidy's journal when  he adopted Roswell, a teeny stray kitten who nearly died, then recovered, and went on to become in Internet Star.  (along with Kyle).  Kyle has been posting the chronicle of her wonderful life illustrated with his wonderful photographs for 12 years and now, it's coming to an end.  Roswell was recently diagnosed with cancer and Kyle and Trillian Stars have vowed to make every day she has left the Happiest Day of Her Life.

Roswell - photo by Kyle Cassidy

Roswell's story begins in August, 2006 on Kyle's LJ and continues sporadically through kylecassidy.livejournal.com/839330.html although he updates daily on Facebook as well.  It's not meant to be a sad story; Roswell had 12 good years when she almost didn't have any, although I start dripping tears every time I see an update. 

If you remember back to the days of yesteryear, or if you want to take a nostalgia trip, or if you just want to see wonderful kittypics, tune in, let it motivate you to donate to the organization that helped save Roswell citykitties.org or maybe just give your own kitty a pat. 

'Scuse me, I've got to go get the Kleenex out again.

Happy birthday Jeremy Brett!

Today, November 3rd would have been Jeremy Brett's 85th birthday.  Sadly, he was taken from us too soon.  Happy birthday Jeremy - the definitive Sherlock Holmes!

El Dia de los Muertos

Today is All Souls’ Day still in the US, or El Dia de Los Muertos, if you prefer. So remember your loved ones (animal and human) who are gone, maybe lift a glass of wine to them, or whatever; but remember the good times - it’s meant to be a happy day, not a sad one. 

However you do it, just remember them.



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