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Yay!  I got my Holmistice assignment today, so I'm torn between anticipation and the usual sheer terror.  I have quite a broad, open ended prompt, so on one hand that's easy, but it also doesn't give me much to go on.  Any rate, I'll worry about that later.  Tomorrow, I have an ACTH Stimulation test first thing in the am, so fic will have to wait.


In case you missed the announcement, today is the last day to sign up for Holmistice.  I (gulp) decided to take the plunge, so c'mon and join the fun also if you haven't already!


Brett Kavanaugh again

OK, here's an exchange from a friend's FB page that about says it all.  It's an exact copy, leaving out the names of the participants. 

{Random insults being lobbed at all concerned] 


Since when do we presume guilt without evidence in this country? When a nice lady makes the accusation? There is NO evidence here. Again. If this was you husband, son, or father who was being accused and there was NO evidence? You'd be okay with that?

 It's very simple, nothing to hide then permit the FBI to investigate the new allocations brought forward by Dr. Ford and others. It would certainly provide a clean image of Judge Kavanaugh if his claims stand up. Dr. Ford welcomed the investigation. It is really that simple unless, of course, you have something to hide.

(man1)  absolutely not. That's not how it works in this country! It's not up to him to prove his innocence! He shouldn't have to say, I want an FBI investigation to prove my innocence. The witnesses that she said were there, all said it did n
ot happen. Even her good friend, her strongest witness said so. She doesn't remember when, where, how she got there or how she got home. Nobody corroborates her story. If they did, hell yes let's have the FBI investigate. But all of her people said it didn't happen. Not that they don't remember, but that it did not happen. This is solely to delay the vote.

this is not a criminal prosecution rather it is a background check on someone sinking (sic) a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court and as such, the citizens who will be affected by this appointment have a right to know

 Agreed. Then you should be upset with your party senators who didn't move for the investigation when they had two months to do so. Nobody in their right mind, in this political environment would ever order an investigation into thenselves. It could have been done but the dems blew it, and we all know why. They had 60 days. Now they want a delay in the name of justice?

I am neither a Democrat or Republican rather I am an Independent and I believe that over the past 30 plus years the behavior or lack there of from the Congress is truly disheartening ... I only hope our democracy can withstand this type of behavior for the future of our children and their children and beyond.

[now here's the real kicker]

 yes sir. I agree with you, ... Definitely a sad state of affairs for our country. I have a young son and daughter. This scares me for both of them, particularly my son. (emphasis mine - the whole discussion has been about a sexual assault on a woman and he's particularly worried about his son?  Apparently, his daughter is such a good girl nothing like this will ever happen to her.)


I hope you would be scared for both your son and daughter equally and I would recommend you edit you previous statement to indicate the same before your daughter reads it.

(man1)...  no reply. 

That was the end of the discussion.  WTF????  I'm not sure why man1's main concern should come as a shocker to me, but it does.  Pretty much sums up the issue, doesn't it?

Brett Kavanaugh

I was reading transcripts of the Senate hearing yesterday (I couldn't watch it) and I kept thinking "oh how I miss the days when my LJ (or DW) feed was full of impassioned debate and comments about it."  Even if a lot of the discussion (predictably) degenerated into "you're a f*** a-hole"  and other such name calling, it was interesting to read and actually converse about it instead of seeing isolated Twitter comments. 


In that spirit, I'll come out and say, I think he's an entitled rich whiteboy jerk who has proved himself unfit to sit on the Supreme Court, whether he didit to Christine Blasey Ford or not.  And I totally believe her.

Bring it on.

In sickness and in health...

I suppose you all may have noticed that I have been pretty much absent from LJ and DW both for the last 6 months or so.   There's been a reason for that - basically that I felt like %^&*()!!  Much of the spring has been spent in various doctor's offices trying to find out why my health took such a sudden nose dive along about February.  Several theories have been put forward, none very attractive to someone who has always been very healthy most of her life.  Adrenal-gland insufficiency was a leading contender, but there were others.  But no one could tell my why I was having all these headaches and all this pain and fatigue.

And then.

I got to thinking.  I live in Virginia, there are gazillions of deer everywhere (I saw a doe with triplets this evening), and I'm outside a lot.  Those deer carry lots of ticks and this is prime Lyme disease country.  So I asked for a Lyme test, which came back negative.  But Lyme is a disease that is notoriously hard to detect.  The test throws lots of false positives and false negatives.  A negative test ruled out Lyme from my doctor's thinking, but I asked for a month of Doxycycline "just in case".  So I've been on Doxy for 3 weeks now and I am better.  The fatigue is gone, some of the pain is well, better, anyway, and I think by Gosh, that at least some of my problems are due to Lyme disease.  I guess it's better than some other things it could be, but I'm really tired of feeling like something the cat dragged in all the time.

I've got a blood test scheduled in the morning to check thyroid and adrenal gland function - 8am, fasting - what fun.  But maybe that will give us another piece of the puzzle.  I'd really like to get on with my life now thankyouverymuch.  I still need to get Watson out of the stationmaster's cubby, I want Irene to...well, that would be telling.  But I do have a couple of stories on the back burner which I'd love to have the energy to write down. 

I hope you all have been doing well. 


Sidesaddle and days gone by

This picture surfaced on my Facebook feed the other day. I don't know where it's from - maybe from the next year's prize list, or a contemporary magazine. I had never seen it before. It's Upperville Horse Show in the mid 1970's.

That's me on my big Thoroughbred, Out Board, 4th from left.
Gosh, that was a long time ago!

Happy birthday Sir Vasily!

Wishing a very happy birthday to Sir Vasily Livanov, Lenfilm's great Sherlock Holmes.  Born July 19, 1935.

Livanov with the statue of himself and Vitaly Solomin as Dr Watson


I promised to make a hat for a friend, but the pattern was so badly written and so unnecessarily complicated that after the ribbing I hurled it across the room and designed my own way of doing it.  I think it came out great.  It's a high contrast, simple colorwork design that my geeky self delighted in naming "Your Last Battlefield" .  Several people actually giggled when I showed it to them and told them the name, so I guess it's not too obscure.

Black and white hat photo

What'cha think?

I woke up early this am to the sound of NOT rain. Finally. After 5-6 straight days of it I had had enough. We’re up so high, no flood problems here and I have very little mud (considering) but enough was enough. 

I foresee lots of mowing, once it dries out enough to mow, that is. The horses are happy, anyway. They are up to their ankles in grass and it’s waay too wet to ride, so this is ideal from their point of view. Of course, it’s going to be 85F (30C) today and super humid, so the bugs will be out in force, but by then their loyal servant (me) will have them in their stalls with their fans on.

Howcome I don’t get this kind of service?

Anyone actually go to the Royal Wedding celebration as opposed to watching on the telly?  I'm afraid I didn't even do that much, but I'm relieved that it went off without incident. 

Still Alive (barely)

So:  it's been ages since I've been here.  I apologise for dropping out of sight like I did, and for leaving poor Watson in the Stationmaster's cubby - LOL.  I imagine Holmes will still welcome him when he finally does arrive, though (and he will arrive - eventually).

DH has had health problems and so have I, although I won't go into those.  I've also been maundering around in the 15th century for a while, mentally, at least.  If anyone was worried about me, I'm OK, just a bit battered by Life in General. 

The good news is that I've been working along on my Hiatus Epic, which may eventually see the light of day if there's anyone out there still interested.  I've been wanting to come back here, but you know how it is- the longer you're gone, the harder it seems to get started back again. 

Crossposting this and waving vigourously to everyone who is around.  Sorry for my own hiatus, but I'll try and be more of a regular again.  LJ and now DW have been a part of my life for so long and I've missed them - and you guys - a lot. 

I may even try and join y'all on Tumblr, although I still can't seem to like it.




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